Health Care Policy against Epidemic Diseases (SSSD: 2020)

Parsian Buali Hotel in Hamedan has been operating since 1335 and offers accommodation services (reservation, reception, housekeeping, laundry and tailoring), food and beverage services (restaurant, hall, kitchen and bakery), entertainment services (outdoor pool) , Gym and green space for walking) and holding seminars and conferences.

Our vision is to turn Parsian Buali Hotel in Hamedan into the top and safest hub for providing hotel services in the face of an epidemic of infectious diseases worldwide, which is done to increase passenger satisfaction and the hotel's social mission. This is done by complying with SSSD20 (Health Care Against Pandemic) and other upstream legal requirements in line with the following strategies:

1. Improving the level of knowledge and commitment of stakeholders in order to control infectious diseases and update their information.
2. Elimination, reduction and control of epidemics and its continuous improvement in the hotel.
3. Implementation of a comprehensive system of continuous feedback and monitoring of activities and services provided by the collection.

I, Dr. Mostafa Azizian, while announcing my commitment to meet the requirements of SSSD20 and the continuous improvement of processes in order to achieve the above strategies, I ask all staff and travelers to understand the policy of this hotel and with solidarity, consensus and responsible cooperation to act.