Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

1. I believe that the worldly and otherworldly achievements of each person are achieved through responsible work and effort. Therefore, by performing my job duties correctly, earning a lawful living, I will bring the pleasure of God Almighty to my Hereafter by serving the servants of God.

۲. I believe that hotel management is a creative and national asset that can be used properly with the efforts of me and my colleagues, and as a result, I, for my part, contribute to the economic growth and development of my country and ensure the welfare of my compatriots. I share.

3. Based on religious and national beliefs, I always try to fulfill the duty of hospitality at its highest level through loyalty to the rules, observance of hotel standards and meeting the expectations and needs of the guests.

4. In fulfilling the responsibility of honest hospitality in all stages of my job duty, put myself in the position of hotel guest and in accordance with the opinions and expectations of guests, evaluate the level of quality of my job services and in order to satisfy as many guests as possible, I make adjustments.

5. I think about the final results of my professional service and by modifying and reviewing my activities, I try to establish the necessary balance between the interests of my family and the interests of the hotel.

6. I am aware of the benefits of the solutions and instructions that are proposed or issued to fulfill my responsibilities as much as possible, and I try to adapt the theoretical ideals to the real conditions and requirements of hotel work and improve the quality and effectiveness of my job services. Forgive me.

7. I consider all company information and guest secrets obtained through unavoidable contacts to be completely confidential, and I refrain from disclosing them even in the family.

8. I am never satisfied with my current professional and professional abilities and I always try to expand the range of knowledge and awareness of our profession to the extent of my individual talents and abilities.

9. In performing my duties and evaluating the effectiveness of my job, I try to avoid using a uniform solution or method to solve my job and life problems, and while avoiding values, I avoid collusion.

10. I continually hold myself accountable for the results of my services and actions, and I will not take any action unless I am confident that the benefits of my work will outweigh the costs to the hotel complex and its guests.

11. I fully use my professional ability and professional knowledge in the service of the hotel and I do not avoid any destructive competition and I do not hesitate to expand and transfer my experiences to my other colleagues and gain their mutual experiences.

12. I try to transfer my knowledge and skills to others, especially my colleagues, with increasing enthusiasm, perseverance and patience.

13. I firmly believe in the dignity of all human beings of different nationalities, colors, races and social classes, and to protect the dignity of all hotel guests, I avoid any discrimination in the performance of my professional responsibilities and insist on justice.

14. I believe in working in a hotel as a useful team effort, I avoid monotony and professional bias, and I believe that the spirit of participation and teamwork among my colleagues improves the accuracy, precision, quality and speed of service to hotel guests.

15. I believe that in the end, I will be rewarded for my honest efforts at the hotel. Therefore, I observe the ethics of patience, sobriety, openness, order, neatness, observing personal and environmental hygiene, politeness and respect in my relationships, especially with hotel guests.

16. When finding the causes of complex problems, I try to avoid hasty judgments, superficial and vulgar attitudes, and prejudices, and use my mental abilities to properly examine cause-and-effect relationships, identify the real causes of problems, and Identify appropriate solutions to problems.

17. I avoid destructive confrontations and competitions and job and personal tensions with my colleagues, and I observe the aspects of justice, camaraderie, interaction, cooperation and cooperation in my conversations, interactions, behaviors and actions with my colleagues.

18. Relaxation in the workplace is a result of my personal actions, behavior and behavior. Therefore, I do not spare any effort for more peace in my work environment and my mental and emotional vitality.

19. I always try to make my colleagues in the hotel management professions, especially my direct manager, achieve the great goals and plans of the hotel, and I consider the success of the managers as my own success.

20. My behavior and professional performance is a symbol of the Parsian hotels brand. So with continuous improvement of behavior and practice Rejecting my profession I always participate in increasing the brand reputation of Parsian hotels.

21. I insist on promoting Islamic culture and values, honoring guests, being responsive, trustworthy, satisfying guests' health wishes and expectations, informing, criticizing, punctuality, grooming, forgiveness, friendship and kindness to hotel guests.

22. I try to be fully aware of the scope and extent of my responsibilities and to use my authority optimally within the framework of the hotel rules, without any discrimination.

23. I believe in the health slogan of the hotel, which is "Prevention of possible occurrence of diseases caused by health problems" and I try to follow the recommendations of the hotel health and medical affairs officer and work with them, to improve the food, personal and environmental health of the hotel. Provide and as a result offer health, security, health, welfare and comfort to guests.

24. I believe that the survival of my job position depends on the survival and profitability of the hotel. Therefore, I will do my best to increase the legitimate interests of the hotel shareholders and I will spare no effort to reduce costs, save money and prevent waste.

25. I am proud to be one of the employees of Parsian Hotels and I consider its pride and progress as my pride.